Constance Benítez
East Orange, NJ

Many American Blacks Are Often Multi-Racial.

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  • k.sillah

    My teacher was talking about this in class today. I think this rule is still relevant to this day. It’s a shame that a person could have a disadvantages based on the color of their skin.

  • S Golden

    That is so true! I love genealogy and have an extensively researched family tree. I am proud of my second generation German heritage and still cook the foods and say prayers that were handed down from my great-grandparents. I am equally proud of my mother’s Scottish-Irish roots, and tell the story of how my Scottish ancestor was kidnapped from a riverbank in Scotland as she was washing clothes, and brought to America. My own children were equally interested in their heritage but, being adopted, had little information. We all did DNA testing…just for the fun of it. Much to our surprise, my African-American daughter has more German and Irish in her, than I do. My ancestors were all Vikings…trespassers and marauders who eventually settled in Ireland and Germany… in truth I have not a bit of Irish or German “blood” in me at all! Few people really know, genetically speaking, what they really are (LOL).


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