Not Racist, Not Privileged, Just White.

4-28-14Francis Skony,
Chicago, IL.

Being an almost 40 year old man from Chicago, I’ve always grown up with a melting pot of friends, acquaintances, co-workers. I do not judge anyone by their race – I will have an opinion based on how some present themselves to the world. If you have no respect and no manners for others, regardless of your race – how do you expect me to have any respect back? You look at me, and think that I somehow lead some sort of charmed life because I am a White man, where from my point of view, I have had less privilege because I am not a minority.

I had a rough split family life. I had trouble in school, but I still worked hard to make it through. There were no scholarships so that I could go to college just because of the color of my skin. I never got a job just because I was a white guy, and I see more and more that because companies want to be “Diverse” that that means – Look at any candidate but a White man. (And this was actually done for a high level position in my company). I have worked as hard as I could for every scrap I could get Usually surrounded by Minorities and Women, and still can’t get ahead – But I really try to never feel negative about it. I actually am a member of my company’s Black Business Resource Council, and our Diversity Council, because I truly enjoy working with, and learning from all of the people that I can – But I can also tell that people of different races look down on me, even as I try to engage – thinking I am not genuine. I grew up in diversity – and I hate the reverse racism that I am constantly faced with.

As I get older, it is more of a struggle to NOT succumb to becoming racist myself back at them. It is hard for me to understand how it is somehow all my fault because I am a White man. Black kids don’t apply themselves and do well in schools – It’s my fault as a white man, or because the white mayor doesn’t care about the Black kids – Not because the parents aren’t pushing their children. Black Kids shoot each other in their neighborhoods, and it’s my fault because I am a white man, not because their parents aren;t making sure they are in by curfew.

Can’t get a job? my fault because I am a white man, not because you present yourself like a thug or a hoochie girl.. Maybe if we just realized that we are all PEOPLE, going through the same struggles…That I had to go to the neighborhood Public School same as you. That I struggled in school – same as you. That I have struggled in work, just like you – I have been fired unfairly – just like you. I am scared of Cops – just like you. But instead of making an excuse out of any of it – I try to work harder, to find a better way, to be law abiding and respectful. To constantly improve, and to engage, and to see everyone as people just like me. I feel sometimes though, that no effort is made back towards me in return and I have to suffer the slings and arrows of History- Just because I am a White Man

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4 Responses to "Not Racist, Not Privileged, Just White."
  1. systemchanger says:

    It’s not about you being a white man. It’s all about the systematic oppression against people of color. I am not saying that you didn’t struggle in your life. I am
    sure you did. I am sure you worked hard for everything that you have. The real
    problem here is systematic oppression. African American men are constantly
    being judged by our society and media. They are label to be drug dealers and
    gang bangers and people who are up to no good. Therefore, that stereotype
    manifest itself and the end result is a black man being shot down in cold blood
    because of fear of the color of his skin. This is where the real problem is. I
    don’t blame you as an individual. I blame the system that we live in. And as
    law abiding citizens, it is up to us to change the system and help eradicate
    racism, classism and sexism.

    • Brian Jr. says:

      If this “system of oppression” is so awful, and does so much harm, why do so many people of color go through so much to get here and why do they stick around?

  2. barry irving says:

    …lot “O” Baggage dude…you are oneof the victims of Institutional Racism…yes, it affects White people too as evidenced by your long comment filled with perceptions and projections. I am not saying that you comments are fake…I am saying that your understanding is the same as most of the masses who don’t have power.

    …You should examine your ID as a “WHITE MAN” a differnt perspective might give you a different attitude. There is an interesting article called “5 Reasons why White Pride is always Racist”…Salon, 1/9/15. It is written by European Americans
    and gives some interesting perspectives on the term White!

    …BTW…your language is hostile and butt hurt..get over it!

  3. A lot of blablabla…

    Veiled racism is still RACISM.

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