Republican: Wealth, Racism, Misinformation, and Misdirection.

Jaime F. Galdamez
Madera, CA

It’s not plain to see out in the open, but those of us of different color and ethnic back grounds, those of us way below middle income, those of us who’ve been discriminated against, and stereotyped can see and feel the racial tension and classism coming from the right.
We know racism and socioeconomic discrimination when we see it, we can feel it.

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2 Responses to "Republican: Wealth, Racism, Misinformation, and Misdirection."
  1. jwa49038 says:

    I am a Republican.  How is this generalization less disgusting than a Republican assuming that, as a poor black person, you must be illiterate and on drugs?  Have you considered that the resentment you feel from conservatives comes from the suspicion that they are, through all the wealth-redistribution programs, using MY money to buy YOUR vote?

    • Liz says:

      How is this generalization less disgusting? Probably because Republicans haven’t been historically discriminated against, for one.

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