Respect runs in circular motion

Madeline Boccuzzi
Duke University, NC

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6 Responses to "Respect runs in circular motion"
  1. Domason84 says:

    Right on!!!

  2. Jerome Tidewater says:

    Roll Tide! Go Bama.  I hope we beat that honkey white team from Indiana!  

    • Be-Blessed says:

      If you were suddenly struck blind today,  with a touch of amnesia about your previous life, what would you do?   For  6 months a white family took care of your every need and you could feel how much they cared, cooked your meals , drove you anywhere you wanted to go,  just loved you………and suddenly your memory came back and your sight………..would you let the racist wall crumble? Bless you Jerome, don’t waist your time being angry, don’t know your story but we all have one. I have had racial  mistreatment but I know where it  originated, not of God.

  3. Sunzoid says:

    Give me respect, and I’ll give it back… I agree with your comment 🙂

  4. jemperly says:

    Jerome, I hope that you are kidding.

  5. Sunzoid says:

    Jerome should be on a football page somewhere else…..

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