My role model was not black.

albert-einstein-4Jamal Wills,

People often say that black kids need black role models. I sort of cheated. The wild hair, thoughtful eyes, the chin and the smile always reminded me of my grandfather. Yet, Albert Einstein was a German Jew whose prominence in the scientific community reached celebrity status. Even then, he still had to escape his homeland to avoid persecution.

I didn’t limit my sights by my color. I pursue my dreams because I know that ideas change the world, not skin pigment. To me, the streets of Chicago was where I walked to and from home, school, and the Chicago Public Library. That’s how I got to where I am today.

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  1. HolletaBlu says:

    I’m not black but you know, one of my heroes was Frederick Douglas. Another was Jane Adams. You are right, you can really appreciate people from different background and their contributions to. Ideas and motivated people change the world! Also, those with a willingness to see the person instead of the pigment help a lot!

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