Sag your pants, lose your chance

Houston, TX

Whether right or wrong, the impressions we make on others play a big part in how others treat us.

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  • Carol Rogala

    You could not be more right.

    • barry irving

      about what?

      • Stacy Lucking

        About being judgemental.
        There are ALOT of evil people who wear suits. But people aren’t programmed to see them as a threat.

        • barry irving

          ,,,my comment was directed to the title comment…my second was to Mary

  • barry irving

    …so do the projections of those who project their ignorant opinions on others. what impression do you set when you judge a man or boy on how their pants fit. Women have been showing butt crack by wearing low cut hip huggers for years. Are they all thugs too…get a grip!

  • Stacy Lucking

    rock weird hair, but no one cares?
    Because it’s alright when you’re white?
    And maybe as long as you ain’t brown
    Do what you want when you get down
    Maybe sometimes folks don’t care
    How you judge pants or how you judge hair
    And they are gonna do what they want to do
    Just like you do you how you want to

  • Malachi Martin-Sakharny

    Sagging is such an unattractive and trashy look. I don’t know what’s wrong with Black American men. I have a Black American mother, but a Russian father and have resided in Europe my entire life. When this ridiculous fad first came out,my old man told me he would put his foot up my azz if he ever caught me with my pants like that or without a belt on. I was such a thin child that the belt wrapped around my waist twice and the tail end had to be tucked in to a belt loop at the back of my pants,but I never left the house without one,because I knew my father meant what he said. It’s mindboggling the way thug culture is worshipped in the United States!

  • kosmopolitisch

    The only thing worse than sagging pants is sagging pants with a strip of toilet paper stuck to the bottom of the one’s shoe…


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