Seattle, please stop fearing black folks.

Cimg4589-001Roland Groce, Jr.,
Seattle, WA.

All 52 years of my life has been affected by white privilege and racism. My son is bi-racial, now graduated from college and approaching grad school at a racist institution (University of Washington). I am concerned that at the UW, Asian people have taken over and continuing to carry out the legacy of racism.

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  1. Lawrence Festin says:

    As an Asian American and one who comes out of the College of Ethnic Studies at San Francisco State University I would like to apologize to you that you feel this way. Secondly I think that what you said needs to be discussed. As someone from a larger contingent of People of Color I believe it is important to build coalitions with one another to become a stronger political force. Thus it bothers me that you feel this way. If you feel like discussing further, or possibly I can shed some light on the issue for you, please email me at

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