I see friends, not a color

Eric Carrera
St. Louis, MO

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11 Responses to "I see friends, not a color"
  1. Alianna P says:

    I love this race card because I can relate to it a lot. People have always judge me because of my choice in friends racewise. I am black and people think I’m ashamed to be that because I have barely any black friends. But I only see the person inside and not their race. This message shows that this person has probably been asked or judged many times over their choice of friends. A conclusion that can be made from this message is that you should never judge a person by the color of their skin, you should always look within.

  2. Aniyah Oberlton says:

    This race card relates to me a lot. I do this exact same thing. I don’t care what you race is where you are from or what you believe in a friend is a friend. I am black and all have friends of many different races, black, white, Asian, Puerto Rican, etc.

  3. Malik says:

    this race card is what i think. I have friend off all races and i don’t think there is a difference in us at all.

  4. eidayya says:

    That’s the way it should be. It shouldn’t matter what race
    you are and what race your friend is the world is diverse and you accept people for who they are.

  5. melody says:

    I like the fact that this race card has no further explanation. This allows one self to think within to understand the meaning of the card. I can relate to this because I dont believe you have to be friends with only people of the same race as you. You choose your friends, by basing it off if you like whats within them, rather than the color of their skin.

  6. [insert clever pun here] says:

    i fully agree with this because i feel the same way. and the lack of description afterwards helps to let you interpret it in your own way

  7. kiara says:

    I think that this statement relates to alot of people. I feel as though it is good that you have friend’s of different races. Everyone is different for a reason. Diversity is great!

  8. Elizabeth Cauvin says:

    My reaction to the six cards is I’m shocked. To me that is so powerful. To say I see friends, not color. It is so powerful because having friends that are different races are really cool because you get to learn new things. Be a person that love diversity is even better.

  9. Kiyannah says:

    I feel that this is a really good six word card! This relates to alot of people. Friendship is more powerful than any race or skin color. This statement makes a really good point

  10. Idamis says:

    I totally agree with this race card. I can identify myself with it. We’ve learned in class how race is something that basically people have created. It doesn’t matter at all. I’m glad there’s people in this world that can understand and feel like we are all equal. This person probably experienced questions and judgments by being with somebody from a different race that other won’t consider as a friend.

  11. Obas says:

    YES you are right completely. I’ve have many friends and not a single time I have treated them differently because of their race.

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