Seen It With My Own Eyes

047Elizabeth Swenson,
Hacienda Heights, CA.

I went to school in NC were it was predominately black & white in2006. My husband and the majority of my friends are Hispanic or Spanish descent. I never really though racism exist coming from LA, CA were its divers. But here I saw people say nasty things, dirty looks, and jesters that made me feel uncomfortable. It’s a lot better now that the state is growing but moving to NC was a culture shock.

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3 Responses to "Seen It With My Own Eyes"
  1. barry irving says:

    …deal with the reality of it…it won’t move unless you move it!

  2. Tonya G says:

    You may not have experienced direct racism but it’s hard to grasp that you didn’t know it existed. There are plenty of examples in the news.

  3. marco polo says:

    Everybody has issues.maybe you can form a support group for VICTIMS, like yourself. Once upon a time people were strong enough to handle anything.

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