We are all shades of brown.

Paul Ruscher
Eugene, OR
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It is time to ignore appearance…it facilitates judging others. I am a father of 11 including 5 adopted kids and I love them all and wish others did. but my biological kids (Caucasian) have always been more accepted than my darker complected ones (adopted from India and some from an African-American heritage). You can learn so much by talking to people than by judging them based on any aspect of their appearance. Your segment today was inspiring; thanks!

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3 Responses to "We are all shades of brown."
  1. Alianna P says:

    This race card means a lot to me because nowadays people are still arguring about the lightness or the darkness in peoples skin tones, and how much prettier/uglier it makes them. People think that they are more special because of the shade of their skin. But from this message I can tell that all are skin colors are basically the same.

  2. eidayya says:

    I agree
    because everyday even in my environment it’s still people arguing about who’s
    lighter than who. We are all equal.

  3. Lovelace says:

    i argee
    People shouldn’t fight over who lighter than

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