She said, “The Jews killed Jesus”.

Sherry Nassauer
Merrimack, NH

I remember the moment so clearly. I was excited to be outside to play with a “friend”. We were standing just outside the heavy glass and black metal door which was the entry to the apartment building where we both lived, and where I grew up, on a small, one block, street in the Bronx.

I went inside and never came back out again to play. There was never again anyone my age in the building, so my friends came from other places, and when I got to high school, college, and beyond I got to have true friends with diverse backgrounds.
Unfortunately, I still have a negative stereotype of people who attend parochial schools.

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One Response to "She said, “The Jews killed Jesus”."
  1. guest says:

    I remember being baffled the first time I heard that comment (I think it was watching Fiddler on the Roof). I (a Christian) was always taught that Jesus died for all of our sins, so WE were the ones who killed him: all of humanity, not just the Jews. Plus the Jews were God’s chosen people and Jesus was a Jew himself, so discriminating against them seemed laughable.

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