She’s nothing, but poor white trash…

Patricia Richardson
Sacramento, CA

Came from a VERY poor family mother w/8 kids on welfare. I heard those words so many times growing up
“I believed them”, I identified with them. We were all called that, relatives who thought they were better than us, by neighbors, at school by other kids and I even heard it from adults out in public. I heard from every race out there, but mostly from white people. People would move away from me, like I had a disease that they would catch if they got to close. Then you grow up with that in your head and people tell you to move on, some the very same people who treated you like you trash…

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One Response to "She’s nothing, but poor white trash…"
  1. SAD says:

    Can’t tell you how much it burns me up to hear people call people “trash.” So sorry.

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