She’s pretty for a black woman.

Detroit, MI

My dad was born in 1906 and would say this about perhaps the first black female anchor on a Detroit TV station; I can’t remember her name. I hope I replied “why can’t you just say she’s pretty?”

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2 Responses to "She’s pretty for a black woman."
  1. White Light says:

    “I hope I replied “why can’t you just say she’s pretty?””

    Because then people would have said “no she’s not.”

  2. Dracu says:

    Mary…you can’t place today’s mores and values on people from your father’s generation. It was a different time in History. In another one hundred years, people here will probably think that our generation was over populated with sociopaths, bigots, hooligans, and ignoramuses. Remember….before the American Civil War, it was legal by local AND federal standards and laws to keep black people as “property.” American Indians were rounded up and forced to move west across the Mississippi River. Few, if any, White men were hanged for murdering an Indian, a Black or a Mexican. Women didn’t have the right to vote until Wyoming made it legal in the 1920’s. Time changes people and their attitudes about life.

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