Sicilian urged to embrace black roots

afterCharles Aloisio,
Atlanta, GA.

An African-American friend at the Y has encouraged me to get in touch with my African roots since I’m Sicilian Italian as well as Neopolitan. I have often thought of my roots since Sicily was occupied by the Moors for several centuries.

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2 Responses to "Sicilian urged to embrace black roots"
  1. alternatesteve2 says:

    Very interesting indeed; although many of the Moors were of Berber/Arabic extraction, from what I’ve read, their culture truly was surprisingly diverse, including Jews, and yes, some black Africans as well; in fact, there are probably a fair number of Spaniards today who may have Moorish descent and not know it. =)

  2. barry irving says:

    …I disagree with alternative steve on the makeup of the Moors. The were at the time ( 800 – 1500 ) mainly Black North Africans. History shows that in documentary art work. North Africa in general is today, much lighter than it was during the time when the Moors enslaved the Iberian Peninsula.

    …However, research is as good as your interest and identification with it, so if you are truly interested, your heritage is quite rich and interesting!

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