Slave Descendants of Nelson County Virginia

Slave_Descendants_of_Nelson_CountyDerek Nicholas,
Newland, NJ.

Hello, my name is Derek G. Nicholas. I am going to tell you a fascinating story of the descendants of Cabell family slaves located in Nelson County, Virginia. This is not just the story of my directly related ancestors stemming from a single individual bloodline… but an intriguing story of an entire county of negro slaves, along with their descendants who are all related by a long, and extensive web of en-tangled marriages dating back to 1740. Encompassing a four hundred and seventy five square mile area of central Virginia, located in Lovingston, at the base of the Blue Ridge Mountains known as the Piedmont Plateau.

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  1. Derek Nicholas says:

    Here is what I discovered while tracing my ancestors, in a nutshell.
    The county of Nelson, VA consisted of sixty plus african american families and extended kinship groups descended from slaves, originating from the gold coast of Africa and placed into bondage, then transported to America from Barbados and Cameroon. These families are connected through many generations, almost 50 years prior to the birth of our nation!
    These negro and mulatto slaves stems from the original slave lines of the Cabell, Cocke, Horsley, Mayo, Carrington, Rose, and Massie family lines. Individual Negro family lines appears to have been divided into 4 quadrants, beginning in the areas of Fluvanna, Buckingham, Rockfish, Schuyler, Lovingston, Midway Mills, Wingina, Norwood, Finley’s Mountain, Shipman, and Gladstone, in Nelson County along the banks of the James River.
    One half of these slaves, and their descendants were inherited by the Massie family, who were in laws of the Cocke, and Cabell families, and were placed on the plantations in the areas of Massies Mill, Temperance Amherst, Tye River, Arrington, Roseland, and the eastern side of Lynchburg.
    The other half of these slave families, and their descendants were inherited by the Cabble family and were placed on plantations in the Gladstone, Variety Mills, Norwood, Union Hill, Wingina, Warminster, Midway Mills, and Shipman areas.
    Smaller family groups, went to Rockfish, Schuyler, Elma, and the eastern side of this county near Faber.

    The main family lines consisting of the Diggs, Gilmore, Horsley, Beverley, Jemison, Reynolds, Edmonds, Bailey, Nicholas, Yancey, Shipman, Cottrell, Mayo, Early, Allen, Clopton, Morse, Bolden, Woodson, Rose, and Venable families, appears to have originated, in the area known as Curdsville – James River, Buckingham Virginia. With additional family attachments to the Ellis, Nunnally / Nunery, Payne, Fleming, White, West, Terrell, Callen, and Ratcliffe families. All resided on the Cabell Plantations consisting of Travelers Rest, Swan Creek, Liberty Hall, Midway Mills, Yellow Gravel, Union Hill, Soldiers Joy, Norwood, Montezuma, and Rock Cliff.

  2. k harney says:

    I am also a descendent of Slaves of Cabell plantation
    Have you found list of the slaved owned by the Nathaniel Cabell?

  3. k harney says:

    I am also a descendent of Slaves of Cabell plantation
    Have you found list of the slaved owned by the Nathaniel Cabell?

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