Slavery is chickenpox, racism is shingles

salveryTian McPherson,
Baltimore, MD.

…and these recent events are the visible rash. If a country practiced slavery, the racism problem is already inside it. It’s been there, largely unseen or easy to neglect… but it’s starting to burn and crackle now.

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4 Responses to "Slavery is chickenpox, racism is shingles"
  1. JLa88 says:

    Brilliant analogy!!

  2. Vicki Dipaolo says:

    Your writing is amazing. It makes a hard subject to tackle enjoyable to read. Taking an overwhelming subject like human behavior and transferring it to an illness will allow a person to open their mind to your ideas. I hope you use your writing skills frequently as they are a talent.

  3. Renee Hall says:

    I agree.

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