So easy to offend without intent

Leslie Veen
San Francisco, CA

There have been times when I have used a word or phrase that seemed neutral in meaning to me only to be informed by someone from a different cultural background that it is actually quite offensive. Sometimes it feels hard to have any conversation at all without stepping on unknown landminds.

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5 Responses to "So easy to offend without intent"
  1. xdiemaker says:

    disagreeing should not offend

  2. Riley says:

    being offended or having feelings hurt is a choice. many groups (i.e. muslims) have become experts at shaping the dialogue using these “choices”. we have become a country of apologists. very dangerous.

  3. Bancamer4 says:

    Live and learn. If you offend someone one way don’t do the same thing in the future without explaining yourself ahead of time.

  4. Urseephd says:

    I have had friends– and I DO mean friends– say things that are unintentionally offensive to me. I just talk with them about why I am offended (but sometimes ask “I’m not sure how you meant that” as it may be MY poor interpretattion).. and encourage them to ask questions. As an African American who happens to be female and Christian– I ask my friends of different religions nand ethnicities about things I may misunderstand or am unclear about.  You can’t learn about each other if you can’t talk. I am better for it. I’d rather we not be muzzled and angry, instead enjoying our differences and enjoing each others’ company. I am sorry you are in that position, though– a conversation should be able to be just that.. and mistakes (because we ALL make them) are those and ways to learn without feeling “punished.”

  5. Heather O. says:

    People let themselves be offended. In my experience, it is usually easy to tell when someone is trying to be offensive.

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