Sometimes being Biracial can be lonely.

Carolyn Crist
Zanesville, OH

This is interesting. Thank you.

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  • As long as we continue to think narrowly in terms of binary categories, any gray or ambiguous identities will be isolating and make it difficult to feel a sense of belonging. I experience this in terms of my religious identity and am interested in the experience of those with multiple cultural heritage because of the parallels.

  • So true.

  • In that way, we can never be lonely. We have each other.

  • Lawahine

    In that way, we can never be lonely, we have each other.

  • this is probably the card that pertains to me the most. i didn’t know that i was the only one who felt this way. my mother is a mexican and my father is african american. it’s like nobody can relate and nobody wants to kick it either.


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