Sometimes I’m angry at white people

Ann Arbor, MI

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2 Responses to "Sometimes I’m angry at white people"
  1. I grew up white in a predominantly black neighborhood in Ann Arbor (Arrowwood) and sometimes had people of color neighbors who were angry at me over things I hadn’t done or wasn’t responsible for.

    But my mom gave me pretty good advice about people talking about “white people,” that if I don’t do the stuff people are angry about, when they complain about it, they’re not talking about me even when they’re angry about white people in general. That and to remember that there are assholes in every demographic. 

    I totally get being angry at white people in Ann Arbor — it’s one of the most bourgeois places in Michigan, full of “stuff white people like”: artisan teas, jam bands, the Art Fair, etc. 

  2. xdiemaker says:

    Some times I’m angry at black people.    I treat EVERYONE the same as they treat me.

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