Sometimes White. Sometimes Black. Sometimes Latino.

IMG_20140705_171631_edit_editMassiel Ramos,
Bronx, NY.

Sometimes your race depends on the people and culture you associate yourself with. If that’s the case, I’ll never fit into one solid category.

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  • barry irving

    …sweet heart…White is a Social construct just as Black and Latino are…European ( country specific ) American… Hispanic ( Country Specific ) American… or African ( Country specific ) American are proper Ethnic terms that are geographically and ancestrally correct.

    …but even with a Beatles shirt on, my dear, you will never pass for White!..that’s a good thing!

  • barry irving

    …BTW, I’m from the So. Bronx…The Mighty Melrose Projects…

    …well, we used to be mighty…things have changed!


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