My sons aren’t black, I’m white.

Bonnie F.
Xenia, OH

Labeling my sons black, when I am clearly white, disregards and disrespects who they are and who I am.

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  • slash345

    Black genes are dominant and white genes are recessive.

    They are black.

    • Truth

      No, theyre half white, half black. Sounds like youre racist.

  • so are they “mulatto” … mixed race? The labeled term instituted by the “Racial Integrity Act of 1924? – Do you view President Obama as black or white?

    • slash345

      Black because his white traits are barely visible. When you look at Obama the first thing you notice is his black features. Not his white features (if he even has white features, I don’t see any.)

      • Why can’t he be both black and white at the same time. The fact of the matter is that President Obama is both. That’s what this discussion is all about. Why does it has to be a choice?, No matter how he looks, his blood is contains both

  • Jen

    Black genes are dominant….generalization! That’s not always the case!

    • slash345

      Nine times out of ten it is.

      It is extremely rare to see someone with a black and white parent to pull more white traits than black. Extremely rare.

      And that’s because, again, black genes are dominant and white genes are recessive.

  • Jessica 985

    They aren’t black, they’re mulatto.

  • gloob

    Biracials: The detritus of dying cultures.

    You know what they say: Once you go black, don’t even think about coming back.

  • Guest

    How about you all are just part of the human race


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