My son’s not half, he’s double.

1043011203b2c24ffff5fb1290d982c0Jon Letman
Lihue, HI
Submitted via Twitter: @jonletman

@michele_norris Gee, thanks. credit goes to my friend Yuki in Kobe who told me that’s what she told people about being #Japanese &#Korean.

@michele_norris Love it!! #NotHalfDouble #TheRaceCardProject #FF

@michele_norris RT arigatou… a rain-drenched #aloha from #kauai…

@michele_norris “We can coexist & live together or not coexist & die together. The choice is ours.” (sometimes 6 words isn’t enough)

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2 Responses to "My son’s not half, he’s double."
  1. Kendyce Manguchei says:

    howzit kauai guy! aloha from sacramento.

  2. Tom says:

    Half/hafu is not necessary derogatory in Japan, it’s doesn’t have the same connotations as half caste or mutt. It just means Japanese + somewhere or you have on Japanese parent. In that context, double doesn’t make any sense. People say double to say that their child has both cultures, but I think the description is more to do with ethnicity, and a feeling that only being doesn’t make someone whole. Maybe it’s better to be hafu than gaijin

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