From South Africa but not black?

Stefan Svicevic,
Lawton, OK.

I recently came to study in the United States and I am from South Africa. Since being here a lot of people have picked up on my accent and asked where am I from and I’d say South Africa and 9 times out of ten the next question would be how come you’re not black or that I am talking rubbish. This makes me question peoples understanding of the world that we live in and how they automatically assume that there are only black people living in South Africa and this is a bit irritating because we live in a world where we are not cut out of from the internet or news.

Being white in South Africa has no privilege as one would think, the whites are actually the minority and mostly blamed on because of the past. It is a rough place to be because people want to make it seem that the white people are responsible for everything bad that’s happened to the country and I personally love the place but it has forced me to move out and seek a better future for myself.

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