Southern heritage doesn’t mean I’m racist.

Goshen, UT

Just because I have confederate flags and my family comes from the south does not mean I am a racist.

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  1. barry irving says: called White people are not one monolithic group…they are not even all White ( as the term is generally used ) See “5 REASONS WHY WHITE PRIDE IS ALWAYS RACIST”, SALON, 1/9/15. WHITE OPINION ON THE HISTORY AND EVOLUTION OF THE TERM WHITE!

    …White, Racism, and American are actually broad general categories of Identification and belief. People in general have differing notions of what the words mean and that’s a big part of the problem. People can be debating American V.S. African American V.S. Hyphenated American of any type; and have different understandings of the terms being debated. That is a sure way to NOT understand any point of view!

    …African American masses and advocates are often called Racist and in fact, they are said ( by Whites ) to be more Racist or most Racist in history…almost all of those accusations come from advocating for social justice, opposing or calling out Racism, or working to get benefits of any kind for constituencies of color! Affirmative action is considered to be racist as is the notion of hate crimes.

    …Southern Heritage needs to be better explained by Southerners who are not Racist if that is possible. By Racism, I mean “ANY” traces of typical Southern preference for the old way and all that it represents: as well as Social Political indoctrination that encourages people to have color preferences and a generally negative mentality towards the color Black in any referential sense.

    • Truth seeker says:

      Confederate heritage is NOT Southern heritage. The confederate flag represents a lot of things, some of which are very very disgusting and violent.

      Take the stupid flag down. It doesn’t represent everyone in the South!
      It’s like Germans living in Berlin wanting to keep all the Nazi flags up because it represented economic growth during Hitler’s reign.


      • Janayn 'Melis' Evans says:

        Please tell that to every person that you know still flying it and loving it. Because when I tell them, they either explode or act as if I called their mother fat.

    • Janayn 'Melis' Evans says:

      Black people aren’t a monolithic group either. And we aren’t even all “black”. Any one with a tan and certain features is automatically described as being Black. I do agree with you that Southern Heritage needing to be better described. Everyone is in fact racist. The only difference is that White people are part of the majority group that holds the majority of power and influence in the country, while POC don’t.

      • barry irving says:

        …you may have noticed that I used the term African American…
        NOT Black.

        …Any one breathing today knows that African Slaves were bred like animals. The terms mulatto, quadroon, octoroon…all breeds during Slavery for the tastes and preferences of white people. So don’t assume that i left that out, it’s not new news, but thanks.

        …I disagree strongly that every one is Racist…Racism is specifically about power over preferred people who are BRED to conform under fear of death or worse. It is a tool for the majority population to reflect and the system ( that held Legal Racism and the period called American Terrorism ) under Jim Crow Laws to use as a tool to keep the majority ahead.

        …Abraham Lincoln was a Racist…he cared nothing for Slaves and just wanted them gone. He preferred under any circumstance that White people maintain the power and privilege in society over African Americans.

        …16 of the first US Presidents were ( racist ) Slave holders…twelve while in power. The richest of them and richest President was Good ole George Washington who had 13 slaves until he married Martha and acquired her 120, He had 133 Slaves over all. He freed his Slaves on his death bed, declaring the – practice as barbaric.

        …The founding fathers were European, not White… White is a created Social construct to Imply superiority and privilege as well as the notion of “better”! In the early 1900’s, you had to be Anglo Saxon Protestant to be considered White. Germans, Irish, Russians, Jews and more were not called White and not considered as such. White is directly connected to the KKK, Nazism, and general White supremacy concerns.

        … This is just a drop in the bucket. Read history before you so magnanimously defend a so called White person who likes to think that he can write six words and say something significant… and question an African American as if you can decide and judge my mentality or commentary.

        … We have 48,000,000+ people and that’s enough to make an impact far above and beyond your “personal” feelings of powerlessness! I have an advanced degree, I am an educator who teaches EVERYONE, I have been a contractor since I was 17 and guess what, YOU DON’T KNOW ME THEREFORE YOUR COMMENTARY IS REJECTED FORTHWITH AND WITH PREJUDICE…dig?

        • Janayn 'Melis' Evans says:

          Yes. I am well aware that White is a social construct just as black is. They arw both social constructs just like the fact that we are all seperate races. We are all in fact one human race. I have read history, I’ve studied a lot of it. I am not defending anyone. I am not defending White people. And yes i am well aware that they come from Europe. I have European ancestors, i have been to the continent. The fact is that as much as you want to use African American, not everyone that is labeled as such identifies with that. Just like not everyone White identifies with European.

          I disagree that you don’t believe that all people are racist. The fact is that racism is defined as “the belief that one race has characteristics specific to that race”. In that way we all all racist. The difference is that Whites, or “Europeans” as you like to call them hold the majority of power and influence. And Blacks, Latinas, Native Americans and Asians don’t. That is obvious. Regardless of the advanced degree that you have or how you feel I also don’t know you. I didn’t judge your character or attack you personally. I simply commented on your statement. I am WELL AWARE OF HISTORY. I am not one of your students. Since you madw this personal this will be my last comment.

          Btw don’t be a hypocrite and use the term White when it’s convenient to you, and European when you want to try and “teach a lesson”

          • barry irving says:

            …tit for tat wit you geehuh?…I made the intelligent comment that gave you room to respond as narrowly and accusingly as you do…you just judged me…that’s called PREJUDICE>>>

            ..,I said that White is a Social construct because that was the subject that I was addressing. I don’t need you to tell me what I already know. I don’t use the term Black which is a color based Race term ( just like White ) because I said that I use African American. There is a difference. Black was adopted during the 60’s Black Power Movements, the earlier Black Art Movement and Civil Rights Movement over all.

            … it was used and promoted as a “COUNTER” to White. During that time it was relevant. Black as a term to describe African Americans is phasing out, but it will never be completely removed from the masses because many of them still use it as a counter and see it as a statement of Pride.

            …Do you want to try and make a case for African American being a construct too? Many White people have a problem with that term as if they have anything to say about it that is relevant or important.

            …No one can say to Another that you are not African because Slavery was 150 years ago or because you have never been to Africa. Peak Slavery was 250 years and far more before the dependence on only Africans as Slaves.

            …I am a social advocate and an educator, so none of it is about ME. I have the benefit of speaking officially for my people and I do it proudly becauseIi am a custodian of such. You are not so don’t tell me that everyone is racist or it’s all a construct or we all are from one human race. That’s the Utopian view for dreamers and idealists. People identify as who they “personally ” decide to as adults.

            …The constitution says that every citizen has that right. The masses however, don’t decide the official categories of racial identification. Educated, able, socially and politically aware people who are LEADERS decide those things. In the case of the Race, how one defines their “personal” is irrelevant to the Race in fact. We are in the Global arena…correct heritage and ancestry is what matters, not these media influenced populist terms.

            … I don’t know where you got that definition of Racism, but I hope you didn’t pay for it.

            … you have your opinion and you’re entitled to it. I know that you are not educated on the level that you are attempting to speak on. That’s obvious.

            … Here’s a little tip Chicky, don’t argue with an intellectual scholar with your low level of informational education…but nice try…ILOL!

  2. Brandi says:

    There is a fine line to walk when it comes to doing things that offend others. Sometimes you just cannot please them all no matter how hard you try. However, being white, I don’t know man, the confederate flag stands for so many things. I know that many people have them and wear them as something cool and don’t really think about all of the connotations attached. But that is one, now that I know a little history behind it, I don’t think I want to display. I would rather waive a newer flag, one that represents, hope, acceptance, peace, recognition of the pain of ALL others. I mean, I get what you’re saying, you can’t define someone by a flag, rather, by their actions. But I still wouldn’t wave that one. Besides, it’s outdated. You don’t live in that day, you live in this one.

  3. Angela says:

    This country has distinctive areas and I respect them ALL. For instance, there are huge metropolises like LA and New York with inner city areas and I can have respect for that way of life. The midwest and the south tends to be more rural. It seems to be perfectly acceptable for people to mock the residents of these areas as “uneducated” and “hillbillies”. TV shows show southerners with exaggerated drawls and they are NEVER smart. What if they did that with inner city folks? I think the south has every right to be proud of themselves. That has nothing to do with treating people of color differently (that’s the definition of racism).

    • barry irving says:

      …no one should be straight proud of their heritage when it’s a dark stain on humanity. The Flag represents archaic consciousness. They were defeated for what they stood for.Why then would anyone want to wave a dark stain around with pride and insult the lives lost for barbarism?

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