Stereotype or generalization. How to differ?

Emmaline Voss

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5 Responses to "Stereotype or generalization. How to differ?"
  1. Orchidfun says:

    generalizations are boring facts, stereotypes are more rude and funny

  2. Venus350 says:

    They are both the same WRONG! Both are based in ignorance. Whether it’s all men are dogs or all blondes are dumb, generalizations hurt groups of people. Stereotypes are designed to belittle and defame a race of people. It allows an avenue for hate to flourish. I don’t see anything funny about that.

    • Caron says:

      Seriously, now we can’t make fun of blondes??? What about redheads? Now, you are taking away all our fun.

      I had orange hair growing up, it has kind of fadded to a strawberry blonde so I like to say I have “streaks” of intellegence. My husband likes to warn people about redheads and their “fiery” temper, then mouths “watch out” pointing to me.  He tans well since hes scottish/native american and he shields his eyes yelling I am blinding him when I wear shorts or a skirt cause I am so white compared to him and avoid the sun. Mainly since all I do is burn, turn red sometimes blister, peel and turn white again and probably will end up with some sort of skin cancer from my determination to prove this wrong in my youth. I also, usually always get picked to get groped by the TSA, so they can pretend they aren’t sterotyping people from the middle east. People normally assume my husband is hispanic because thanks to his native american side tans really well, and he speaks spanish. Though I do get a way with listening to people talk about me in spanish when they automatically assume I don’t speak spanish.  I can not converse well in Spanish but can read it and understand most of it, thanks to being raised in Central/South Tx.  I just pretend I don’t understand what they are saying and find out all sorts of interesting things and not always nice things about “gringos”. 

  3. CALSGR8 says:

    I think Sterotypes are based on more than race.  It can be based on culture, language, religion, and even the type of roles that actors perform.  Ever hear the expression “type cast”?  Isn’t it short for Stereotype?

  4. GT says:

    When you move from facts to perception.
    When you go from testing percentages to aptitude.
    A very fine line indeed.

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