We still don’t have equal opportunities.

Stanley Umeweni
Philadelphia, PA

I am Stanley Umeweni, and I am a high school student from Central High School in Philadelphia, PA. I chose these six words because after a little over 50 years after the Civil-Rights Movement, not all races have equal opportunity. Even with laws and policies, such as Affirmative Action, the color of your skin can still determine where you fall on the ladder of life, regardless of education or skill level.

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One Response to "We still don’t have equal opportunities."
  1. Howard Bonds says:

    again…if a group of people who are felons have much more job opportunities than people with college degrees than your statement makes no sense…its simply statistics. white people who are felons who never completed high school have a much higher employment rate than other groups of people who have a college degree with no felonies…most college educated minorities who are college educated actually wind up with jobs that dont require a degree even if they get a job…sorry but facts are facts…this concept of “lets start over again, your wrong and lazy” wont cut it in the internet age.

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