Stop blaming me, not my fault


I’m tired of people of other races blaming white people for their problems. I’m a white person, I guarantee you that I haven’t done anything to oppress or persecute anyone, and I’m not going to feel guilty for crimes that I have not committed.

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  • danny

    Never realized  there was racism, until one day I went with a friend, who was from Puerto Rico and the cashier told him that his skin was one shade too dark.  I’ve always had some friends and acquaintances who were of other races. I consider myself Caucasian with Native American ancestors. I’ve found most races fairly open, there are some people of other races with a chip on their shoulder, because they consider themselves discriminated against.

  • drdubs

    preach it brother

    • Randomstring4u

      “Once you acknowledge this privilege, a
      true dialogue can take place and change can occur.”

      That translates as “We cannot talk until
      you agree with me.” Such an attitude precludes the possibility of true
      dialogue, ever.

      Your “Imagine being brown or
      black…” directive does not list a single example of how the
      “country is set up to benefit white people”, each example listed is
      the action of an individual or group who is violating the rules of this country.

      Systemically this country is NOT set up to
      benefit any one group – unless you want to lump all non-white males together.
      Funding / assistance / special consideration is systemically preferentially
      granted to every group in some fashion except white males. But none of that is
      racism (or sexism), right? Wrong. Yet, that lie is perpetuated and to argue
      against it is to be labeled a racist, and once labeled as a racist we can be
      ignored (marginalized?).

      Perhaps you should take your own advice and
      “Examine this issue from the other side as well, rather than absolving
      your privilege and responsibilities.”


  • Asatah

    It’s the system of institionalized racism and sexism that many POC’s express towards white folks that triggers this thought process. Yes, you as individual may not have inflicted any racism or sexism against a group of people, but this country is set up to benefit those of with white skin. Once you acknowledege this privilege, a true dialogue can take place and change can occur. When this does not happen, your statement above re-inforces this vitriol. Imagine being brown or black, and having to deal with police brutality, or being denied an apartment or job just because of your skin color, or being followed in stores and in neighborhoods where you’re not “supposed” to be. Examine this issue from the other side as well, rather than absolving your privilege and responsibilities.  

    • Cduck930

      Your assumption that because a person is white means that they are somehow automatically entitled and privileged is absolutely absurd. Drawing from my own personal experience, I have been denied jobs or fought harder for opportunities BECAUSE of being white. I also experienced blatant racism by black cops in Florida, while growing up in a predominantly black neighborhood because they felt that I did “not belong” there. Even serving in the military, there are gender and race-based quotas in place for advancements (with no genuine selection based on qualification or merit). It seems as if you are the person who needs to “examine the issue” from ALL sides. Your own self-imposed system of racism is evident. 

      • LJ
        • Cduck930

          You are obviously an IDIOT who is trolling the site, with nothing substantial to contribute to the forum. Go back inside your trailer, smoke some more crack and suck a few more dicks to support your habit, LJ. Afterwards, slap your self repeatedly in the face until common sense sets in, LOSER. 

          Additionally, your feeble attempt to alter your online identity does not fool anyone. You are simply an uneducated coward pretending to be someone you aren’t. 

        • MacHomer

          It’s hard to see racism against Whites when you’re a racist.

      • Sean

        After serving half a career in the military I can confirm being white is extreme disadvantageous. I can consistently score higher on placement exams, lead in physical fitness, work harder and longer while volunteering for assignments and be passed up for advancement because I’m white and a male. You’re a fool to claim whites can’t experience racism. I wasn’t born with a silver spoon in my mouth and worked hard for everything I have. Not once was I given a handout. Be mad at congress for oppressing for centuries, be mad at the government for corruption, don’t be mad at your fellow man struggling alongside you.

        • MacHomer

          Not to mention, there are gender based privileges as well. But since White men STILL dominate, despite being last on the list for promotions, it MUST be racism. Well then, I guess all those Japanese-owned corporations in Japan must be the result of racism too.

    • MacHomer

      Blacks commit 35 times as much robbery as Whites. In light of this, it’s a miracle they don’t get searched more. As for arrest rates, Black cops in Detroit arrest Blacks just as often as White cops if not more. Also convenient that you left out Asians in your analysis, since they get arrested less than Blacks AND Whites. Why? Because they commit less crime! But keep blaming the White Man for holding you down.

    • mr macc

      in you’re world – what race never did evil>?
      where do you think white people got slaves from – african tribesman who defeated other tribes and muslim slavers (muslim’s still have slaves today)

  • anonymous

    It’s called cultural dominance. In this country, and many other countries, there are cultural beliefs and attitudes that exist. It isn’t just a race thing. It’s not so easily articulated. Often times, it does evoke responses like those in this thread. It’s not “your” fault, it’s a norm. It’s kind of like saying, this is the way it’s been, so this is how we do it. Until we realize how exclusionary our beliefs are, whether explicitly so or implicitly, there will always be some who are left out, under served, or denied (perhaps because they don’t speak up). The problem is not your fault, except when collectively we don’t take responsibility for the rifts which are created. Until we see beyond our differences, there will always be an us and a them.

    • MacHomer

      Non-Whites are MORE THAN EQUAL. You get benefits and privileges that are systematically denied to White people. Take your complaints and shove them.

  • LJ
  • McNett

    You give yourself, and white people, too much credit. 

  • texshelters

    Why so defensive? PTxS

  • Eternaldevastation666

    If people blame the White man, why do they continue to use products that were created by White men, invented by WHITE MEN, and built from WHITE MALE labor? That’s a juicy contradiction, ain’t it?

  • Glenn Rugar

    Thank you for having the balls to stand up for us

  • Brian Delaney



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