Stop saying I’m articulate. Please

Brooklyn, NY
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7 Responses to "Stop saying I’m articulate. Please"
  1. Carl Poole III says:

    Dear sweet lord, I feel your frustration. When is being articulate and black going to stop being sometime special? If I make a sound point or argument, said that and move on.

    • techchimp says:

      Not everyone is articulate.

      • Carl Poole III says:

        True, Not all black folks are, however, inarticulate black people is the rarer thing to find. I wouldn’t be bothered about a compliment of how I explained some incredibly complex idea verbally to someone, but when people seemed amazed with my ability of express myself coherently at all, it’s condescending.

        • techchimp says:

          I can’t guess your approximate age, but I got that a lot when I was younger. Articulate young people are more interesting than the older set 🙂

          • Carl Poole III says:

            I turn 40 in exactly two weeks.

          • techchimp says:

            Welcome to your 4th decade…I hate to be the bearer of bad news but your eyes are gonna go soon. Maybe some other stuff too. You can look forward to being a crotchety old koot…you can say whatever you want. I don’t really have any sage advice, but I can offer empathy and some light hearted ribbing.

  2. Lyonel LaGrone Jr. says:

    Wow…. I just said almost the same thing in my six words! THAT, drives me up the wall!

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