Stop seeing black boys as predators.

Sandra C. Seaton
East Lansing, MI

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4 Responses to "Stop seeing black boys as predators."
  1. Lazaro Rosales says:

    As soon as black boys stop being statistically prominent in crime.

    • Suraska says:

      So few Blacks want to admit that. I’m not color blind or biased though. 99.9999% of Black males are sitting in prison or laying in morgue due to their own actions.

      • Lazaro Rosales says:

        It’s harsh, but that’s the naked truth. There’s a reason why the supposed “institutions” (cops) are “racist.” When you’re looking for a young black male due to the fact that a crime was reported with that description and you stop and question young black males as part of that description doesn’t make you racist, you’re just trying to find the culprit. Ferguson was a perfect example of the blindness to the truth in these communities. They don’t care about laws, only about themselves. It’s sad.

  2. Suraska says:

    Sorry but I moved away from an area with too many Blacks in the Deep South and have yet to regret it. In the nearly three years I’ve been gone about 15 people have died in that town at the hands of young Black males. I wouldn’t want my 72 year old granny who was born and raised in that town outside her home after 5 pm or before 8 am. They are predators. I couldn’t be paid to drive through that town or any majority Black area now. Not because of the elderly or females or most young children but because of the young Black males. The university I attend while majority White enrolled its “most diverse freshman class” ever in Fall 2014 and crime has increased noticeably in just a few months. Several classrooms broken in to and expensive technology stolen,upsurge in convenience store and restaurant stick ups, and triple the amount of sexual harassment complaints being filed. Soon Whites aren’t going to want the Liberians,Somalis,Hmong,and other minorities who had been living here peacefully around. I can only hope that the school’s basketball and football teams continue to do poorly(the big sport up here is Ice Hockey which recieves most of the funds and attention) so that the Black boys recruited to the teams flunk out since they very rarely come to class,leave town,and things go back to normal. There are protests over the deaths of young Black thugs up here. We know they deserved it and don’t give a flip.

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