Straight, white, American, male…no excuses.

Mason, OH

If you are one of these as I am….recognize that you rule the world. We are afforded unmatched access and privilege. And with that comes a responsibility to work to open doors for EVERYONE else.

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5 Responses to "Straight, white, American, male…no excuses."
  1. olblue9 says:

    This statement equals the most racist remark yet.

  2. White Light says:

    If Whites rule the world, Obama wouldn’t be in power. 60% of Whites did not vote for him. We would have non-White immigration.

  3. White Light says:

    If Whites ruled the world, there would be no racial preferences for the NAMs.

  4. White Light says:

    The real rulers are the liberals, especially the Jewish liberals. About a third of all billionaires in this country are Jewish. These Jews dominate the Democratic party.

  5. SnarkFish says:

    You don’t even see the privileges you get. I am a white woman and it took me a while to see all the privileges I get, and you are far more valued than I am. I know that you say you haven’t done anything wrong, and I understand. But your privileged place in society causes hurt to everyone else.

    Don’t think you’re privileged? Ask your father if he would have rather have had a son or a daughter as his only child. If he’s even a tiny bit like my Dad, who mourned each type a granddaughter was born, he would strongly prefer his son, and do anything to see him get ahead.

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