Subconsciously, I’m afraid. I hate it.

Ian Cyr
Springfield, VA

I read once, that those of us who are white and in our late 20’s and early 30’s (and probably those outside that age range) have been put in a difficult position by society. We’ve grown up being taught one thing – tolerance, equality, etc., while at the same time, growing up with the lingering effects of racism still present in society. Consciously we’ve been taught to love, while subconsciously we’ve been taught to fear. We want to overcome the prejudice we see in society, yet we’re not entirely free of it ourselves. It’s something I struggle with often, and I hate myself for it – for having any thoughts that rely on a perception of race, especially in the negative. Everyone deserves to be treated equal, and the fact that I sometimes fail at that makes me angry at myself.

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