Suburban white girl can’t draw conclusions.

Northborough, MA

Unfortunately, I’ve lived too sheltered of a life to say much definitively on the subject.

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5 Responses to "Suburban white girl can’t draw conclusions."
  1. Karen says:

    Interesting word choice, “sheltered,” to describe a lack of interaction with or knowledge of other races. Food for thought: Does that mean other races are something to be “protected” from?

  2. Anke Snow says:

    I get it. Interested to know what kind of values your parents infused you with regarding other races.

  3. Paula says:

    Karen, “sheltered” means that we don’t interact with the “real” world much, simply because of where we live. I lived in a college town with graduate students from all over the world. I assumed I was “color-blind.” But I had never encountered a slum and knew nothing about racists.

    • Town I grew up in is no suburbia, but there’s still a fair share of white bigots and multi-ethnic racists out here. Sad fact of the world is that people like to get wrapped up in their niche bubble, and sites like this don’t seem to help when they are used by people like Karen to create niche based conflict where unnecessary. I upvoted your comment.

  4. emma says:

    It is O.K. no need to draw any conclusions if you have insufficient information. That is more admirable than other people who make decisions without any real information based on a personal experience to draw from.. Be curious, ask questions, and be respectful if you meet people who are not from suburbia. Gather data…then make your own contusions. A question is would you want to see the world and other people who are in it?? Or would you want to be a suburban white girl (now but later woman) with other suburban white people only?

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