Yes I’m Black no not biracial

David, Detroit, MI. To the cops, I am “white”. To many others I am “not” black. I don’t try to pass and I don’t try to compensate for it by “acting” black. I am very direct about these issues though. I am a black guy. How much more direct can I be? I’m not adopted. […]

My “Black Experience” doesn’t threaten yours

Louisa Etim Cambridge, MA I often get frustrated with the notion (held by people of all races) that there is a single “Black Experience” and that by not fitting into this box of “acting Black” I am somehow shunning my race and orchestrating some malicious plan to intrude on a lifestyle that should not be […]

Although it divides, I find beauty

Simone Pratt Brooklyn, NY I can talk about race all day… I work in multicultural advertising so it’s what I do, but outside of work as well… Some context on my 6 words: Race is something that puts us in boxes in our society (“talking Black”… “Acting White”… “Black music”… on and on), however race […]