Who turns knobs on closed doors?

Rachel P., Akron, OH. If you never open your mind, how will you change? As a white person growing up in the Bible Belt, I was taught that any color other than white was inferior. I moved to a school in Dallas, where there were only 10 white students in a school of 800. I […]

Being gay has taught me compassion.

Thomas Swinscoe Akron, OH I grew up in a time when being gay was even more of a challenge than it is today. As a white, male of English/German descent who was raised Christian, I have come to see my sexual identity as a gift. I believe much the insight and empathy I enjoy is […]

“South Mexican” here, “Gringa” back home.

Francisca Ugalde Akron, OH I have been living away from Chile for over 18 years, and here in Ohio for 15. I certainly don’t get treated negatively, but jokingly I am referred to as “South Mexican” since, who cares about what is further south than Mexico. The part that hurts, is when I visit “home” […]