I am a proud American man

Charles Tanner, Midland, TX. I am an American,there is not a pre or post to that I was not brought here I was born here. Yes my distant family came from somewhere else. But as with anyone who truly wants to be an American they assimilated. Just as if I wanted to make any other […]

Act equal and you are equal.

Clay Terry, Cincinnati, OH. I just want to put it out there that I have a multitude of African American friends, not all black people are ignorant. However, most of them are. I did not grow up racist nor are my parents racist. I developed my way of thinking from observing the black community around […]

You people weren’t the first Americans

Ilene Santoyo, Hollywood, CA. White people always think that they were the first people in America those whom are racist are always say to Mexicans, “Go back to your country.” and to be honest it was our country and now it is being shared between us all we are united and it’s what wouldn’t change.

Are we not all just Americans

Nate Handlin, Portland, OR. We need to end the labels, this only breeds division to us all. Instead of us vs. them, would it be nice to say this is our country, these are our issues we need to deal with, not theirs, not my people. but Americans. Was this not the reason we became […]

Study harder, improve yourself, stop whining

Richard Wynn Charlotte, NC By focusing on the future and improving themselves, all Americans can live the American dream. Assuming, of course, that their skills are in demand. Every American who is focusing only on the past, and not doing well in school, will surely continue to suffer economically. This will be even more of […]

We’re all Americans stop separating us!

Mike Gaither Hanahan, SC We need to stop dividing ourselves in groups. We need to join together and accept our differences or ultimately our differences will destroy us. If every American listened and I mean truly listened, with a clear mind and an open heart, to all the words of Martin Luther King’s “I have […]