White immigrant = not an immigrant.

Linda M Larsen, Hudson, WI. Hungarian+British +Canadian = American. I’m an immigrant, a ‘legal alien’ from Canada, with Hungarian and British parents, living in the USA. I’m supremely aware of the fact that no one sees me as ‘immigrant’ because I’m white. I moved from a very visibly multi-racial large Canadian city to small-town, lily-white […]

Am I Bad? Am I Good…?

Black people aren’t who you think they Are…If they were I would be kicked out of my school. Like Martin Luther King jr said: “I Have a Dream! That one day little Black boys And White girls, and white boys and black girls could join together in peace and harmony…”, And yet probably only about […]

Rejected because love is colorblind.

Paula Morris, Long Beach, CA. A white girl growing up in Orange County, CA, where I was that anything and anyone “different” was “bad”, I have found love with two wonderful men in my life: the first one (who died) was African American, and the second one is African. The happiness both have brought me […]

Racists Are Not Always Bad People

Michael Havis, Brooklyn, NY. I think the word racism no longer defines the conversation we should be having. The image of racism in America is of the KKK or southern slave owners with whips. Being racist and being a good person are not mutually exclusive. Racism today isn’t being a part of lynch mobs or […]

It’s only fair if I win.

Alfredo Fabrega Scottsdale, AZ After years of listening to rationalizations for success or failure, I’ve concluded that (regardless of race) we all feel that: “what’s good for me is good; what’s bad, evil.” Since we all have different interests, we’ll always be at odds.

Why is being white so bad?

Tiffany Kosakowski Grand Rapids, MI I feel like I am constantly walking on egg shells because I am white. I have to be careful how I joke, who I like or dislike, even places I go. It is getting a little tiresome to hear people accuse white people of being racist because they do not […]

Segregation is bad. It’s not good.

Eva Gross New York City, NY Staten Island I am learning about segregation in first grade. Black people back then were made to do all the work. White people were not helping them. Some white people did not believe in segregation.

How do I stop being racist?

Bobbie Virginia Beach, VA I have so many confused thoughts about race. If everyone around me is white, and I’m white, what else should I be used to? The first time I saw a black adult, I felt the same as I think you would feel if you saw a green or blue person. I […]

I hate people I like persons

Barrett Murphy Chicago, IL People en masse are bad, they are obnoxious, racist and worse, think mob mentality. People as individuals are good and decent. A lot of racism in our country comes from the people, not from persons. Ask anyone who works as a public servant and they will understand exactly the difference between […]

Sometimes I feel bad about being Hispanic

Anonymous Culpepper, VA Me being Hispanic I feel like everybody thinks I’m just a normal “Mexican” who came to the U.S.A. Is not even close to them, I still feel bad about being Hispanic, it has been five years almost six years since i moved to the United State. People treat you different it doesn’t […]