Seasonal confusion; your problem not mine

Courters, Bay Area, CA. I grew up in a latin home, of a first generation born parent. By DNA–I am native-american sicilian. I was raised with latin catholic, tibetan, native american, and sicilian culture. As a child, in my desert neighborhood, I stayed dark and it was rarely noticed that I was not “technically” latin […]

I’m just American, not African American.

Lottie MSF, St. Louis, MO. Born in LA, raised in Compton, became an adult in Bay Area, relocated to MO. Loved by entrepreneur/homemaker grandparents. Raised by entrepreneur, GED, get the job done, courageous, make it happen parents with 50+ years of marriage. I’m a well balanced contributing, career woman, parent, wife, aunt & daughter. My […]

No, really — I’m from Iowa.

Thi Thumasathit Palo Alto, CA I’m Asian-American. I was born in Thailand, but immigrated here when I was 3 months old so I speak perfect accent-free English. Since the age of 4, I grew up in Hull, Iowa, population 1,500. Invariably, I am asked (even in the Bay Area), “Where are you from?” After I […]

Excuse me, do you do landscaping?

Ricardo Oakland, CA I was recently asked at a garden store if I did landscaping. I am a Mexican-American male, who is also a sergeant for a medium sized city police force in the Bay Area. I must say I was dressed shabbily, driving a small pick up, a lime tree in the cab, a […]

White moms avoid my black son.

Anne Janks Oakland, CA Many privileged white people who live in the Bay Area of California believe that there’s a high level of tolerance and little prejudice here. White moms steer their child away from a seat next to my 7 year old boy. We went to the county fair and the seat next to […]