Today I applied for a passport

Larry Smith (Vietnam Veteran), Saint Louis, MO. I look around and see white fear of black people (especially black men) on the rise as reflected in the rise of white gun possession. I also see things staying the same or getting worse for black people in terms of economics, education and housing. I would just […]

Yes I do fear Black men

Rachel, Tulsa, OK. Black men are many times more likely than White men to be thieves, rapists, and murderers. When I see a Black person I am more fearful. This is a natural reaction, it is the same reason that most White people in my city live in White neighborhoods, because living in those Black […]

I smile at young black men.

Nena Clark Rochester, MN I am an old, white woman. I work in the govt center and I see all kinds of folks there who probably aren’t having their best day. I try to be pleasant to everyone, but I make a point of being friendly toward young black men. I know that in my […]

Black men make great dads too!

Christopher Brown, Dallas, TX. I’m here to spite all those who reference black men as useless, dead-beat or otherwise absent when it comes to fatherhood. I’m am only one, but I’m one in a line of dads who exemplify the term and the best meanings associated with it.

I’m afraid of most black men.

Maureen C. Kenosha, WI I work in a library with a lot of African American patrons, and I tense up when black men come in, especially if there is a group of them together. I saw my father work harmoniously with his African American colleagues, have had many black friends, and still feel anxious when […]

Biracial anxiety; black/white; both/neither?

Tracey Frierson North Ridgeville, OH Version 2:  biracial anxiety; black/white; neither/both! I have two adult biracial daughters, three years apart, raised in the same home under similar circumstances- one for whom racial identity has been problematic, the other who identifies herself as Black and has always seemed to adjust positively to that aspect of her […]

All young black men are suspect

Gina Carusi Omaha, NE People keep saying the Zimmerman verdict was not about race. Until we admit that this society views all young black men as suspect, we will not understand how much this issue is about race and double standards.

Black men should fear black men

Mark Foster Atlanta, GA How can one seriously suggest the Zimmerman-Martin story emblematic of the black male experience while ignoring the predatory culture of black against black in neighborhoods thoughout our Country.

I’m afraid of black men

CA Pittsburgh, PA I don’t know why. And I don’t mean just in a dark, desolate alley- where I’d be afraid of any man. I am just more afraid of black men. It makes me feel ashamed of myself.

Subconscious shame breeds fear then violence

Colleen Stanturf Davis, CA With a disproportional number of black men in prison, the cycle of violence really has not been broken since slavery days. Whites violate blacks in so many hidden ways, that the fear of retaliation for the wrongness is squeezed into a systematic, subconscious projection of black as predator. That IS the […]

Black women freedom; black men suffrage.

Jerry Bonds, Rancho Cucumonga, CA. However, black women are advancing in education and achieving more high power position in the work force. Consequently, black men have to compete with Asians, caucasions, and sadly spoken uncle tom’s. The deck seem to be stacked against true black men.