Hatred hurts the hated and hater

Dan Creamer, Sandpoint, ID. I grew up in the Jim Crow South. Being white I always felt both guilty and angry about the way black people were treated. In the Marine Corps, I accepted a bottle of wine from a black Marine and drank from it without wiping off the bottle or my mouth and […]

I always wanted to be black

Angela, Manchester, NH. Since I was a small child, I have thought black people were more beautiful, more brave, more…everything than whites. I am white and grew up in a very white state. I always felt other than everyone else, and thought that being black must be wonderful. I didn’t realize until I was older […]

Some black people are prejudiced too.

Carolyn Lynchburg, VA I have met more black people who hated other races and were very open with it, but maybe white people just don’t admit to racism as openly. I always believed in MLK’s dream and the utopian vision of the star trek series. I was very surprised when I got bussed to an […]

I know rap, not black people

Toby Johnston USA. I grew up in Los Angeles the 80’s, rabid fan of all things rap. I am white and for many of my friends (Mexican, black, white, lower/middle/upper class, whatever) rap was the music of rebellion. I got called ‘wigger’ by my white(r) friends and heard a lot of hate spewed. And yet […]

Why do white people fear us

Anonymous, Warren, MI. Why do white people hate and fear black people to such a point that white people set a global system of a racism against black people in every way? Are white afraid of losing to black in some way or is it something deeper and hidden?

I’m afraid for my black child

Juli, Brooklyn, NY. There are places in this country that I would never live because of the racism in certain areas. Eventually my daughter might want to live or go to college outside of NYC and it scares me. We see more often because of cellphone video and dashcams that police see it fit to […]

Am I Bad? Am I Good…?

Black people aren’t who you think they Are…If they were I would be kicked out of my school. Like Martin Luther King jr said: “I Have a Dream! That one day little Black boys And White girls, and white boys and black girls could join together in peace and harmony…”, And yet probably only about […]

I am Black, Mexican, and White…

R.E.A.L. Talk, High Tech Middle Media Arts 7th Grade Trailblazer I used to think that I was not any other type of race than Mexican because I grew up around Mexican food and my nana used to speak Spanish a lot. Then one day my dad was talking about race and he told me I […]

I’m extremely racist and I’m not white.

Anonymous, UT. I’m not white, I’m not black. I’m a mixed Latina. I honestly despise brown/black people, I can’t stand their ugly skin, noses and hair. It goes from blacks to Polynesians. I don’t like their culture, I don’t like their looks and how they act. I’m racist, and I’m not white. I came from […]

We are who we make us

Desiree’ Parker, Sacramento, CA. In a room full of black people I am comfortable, in a room full of white people I am comfortable, in a room full of mixed races I am comfortable. I act “black”, but I have no reason to hate them just as they have no reason to hate me. We […]

First saw black person at 16

Daniel Schram Boise, ID I live in a part of the country that even today has less than 1% black people in it. I’m a 60+ year old white man who grew up with many hispanic and asian kids. But, until a attended an exhibition basketball game in a nearby city at the age of […]

Black People Can Be Racist Too

Michael, Dallas, TX. I went to an all black school where I was 1 of 20 or less white kids. I was beat up, chased home every day, picked on and called white trash. I was bullied to the point of finally dropped out, and decided to get a GED.

I’m not afraid of black people

David Norwood, USA. (Not sure what the rule is on contractions 🙂 I first realized I wasn’t afraid of black people when I was in grad school in Denton TX. A friend and I had just been out at the clubs and were finishing the evening at Whataburger, as was typical in that place and […]

I only know four black people

Gabriela Swain, Ionia, MI. I was raised in a predominantly White/Hispanic town in mid-Michigan. What few colored people that did live in my zip code I never interacted with because they were locked up in one of our correctional facilities. After going to a community college in Grand Rapids I had to face a lot […]

America is not for black people!

Taylor Valdosta, GA Systematic racism exits and is targeted towards blacks. It’s in the government and in schools, Its always and will always continue to be that way in this country. American is not for blacks! Whites don’t want us here but we are here and we have put more work into building the country […]

Preference for white doesn’t mean racist

Jann Patterson Hayden, ID The major bad things that have happened to me were because of black people. I was mugged by a group of black teens and my son had a gun held to his head at work by a pair of black thieves. I am afraid of black people that I don’t know […]

Black people keep themselves down.

Charles, USA. It may sound racist, but I think that the black community keeps itself in a constant state of disadvantage. People can blame the “war on drugs” or being less privileged, but I think that the black community encourages being lower on the totem pole. Take rap music for example; drugs, violence, and lack […]

I Am Not But I Am

Alexis S Atlanta, GA As we stepped on to the elevator accompanying a father and his two girls. She said “Look daddy black people”, and he turned redder than a ripe tomato and said, “That’s right honey, yellow, tan, gold, and brown people.” It was shocking to my family in hers, the fact that she […]

Certified genius unqualified by affirmative action

Dr. Sylvia Hood Washington Winfield, IL So many gifted black people identified as such before affirmative action was even a notion have been denied the “equal” opportunity to achieve or advance because they were perceived as either a threat or not needy enough. This is particularly true in institutions of higher education … where the […]

Race is everything, race is nothing.

John Daws Tucson, AZ I learned this years ago from an elderly black woman in a coffee shop in Manhattan. She said, “For black people, everything is about race. For white people, nothing is about race.” Those contradictory yet complementary thoughts have served me well since then.

I wish my people loved eachother.

Joslynn Poole USA There is little solidarity amongst black people. For example gang violence, red against blue, light skins vs dark skins. I could care less about another persons race or ethnicity. I just want my own people to figure out how to do better.

Too many white people in here

John Richmond, VA Why can black people say “there are too many white people around here” and people laugh it off but if i said “there are too many black people around here” I would be a racist?

No black people in your car.

Cynthia Cahoon Moyock, NC In 1970, I was a junior in high school and new to that school. As a member of the drama team, I made friends with Julia and Carlton and friends ere few and far between when you’re new. Since I had a car, after school and before drama practice, I would […]

Black horse will ride white horse

Don Pittsburgh, PA Stated in spring of 1963 by negro at the time with no agitation or explanation. As a white person I thought comment strange not knowing the future implications to follow. Strange that statement has stayed in my conscience all these years. Always felt comfortable among black people.

Don’t Describe Black People As Black

P. Davidson USA In the White Middle Class world, it is absolutely taboo to mention that someone is Black. Only as a last, desperate resort can you even think of mentioning it. This results in a lot of conversations like the following: “While you’re on your way, can you drop this folder off to Sherri?” […]

Yes Black people are racist too

Elizabeth Ragad, Covington, LA. I’m so tired of Black people pulling the race card when things aren’t going there way. And YES there are racist Black people too! It’s NOT just a “White Thing”. White people do not hold a monopoly on racism. All races have good, bad, rich, poor, kind, cruel, loving, hateful, selfless […]

Cultural Gatekeepers Defile Black People’s Beauty

Deborah Sanders New York, NY Racism has become so deeply ingrained in our culture that we are often only able to recognize the most obvious aggressions. Even when we do recognize it, we often feel helpless to resist its powerful grip on our psyche. I think that much of the obstacles to achieving a post-racial […]

Black people bring racism on themselves.

David Monestero Upland, CA I do not consider myself a racist person. I go through my day to day feeling like everyone is created equil no matter what. I think anyone that walks around with a constant chip on their shoulder feeling like the whole world owes them something will always have issues that are […]

Black people are not a monolith.

Robynn T. Pleasant Hill, CA I’m so sick of these questions: “Why are black people so _____?”; “Why do black people do _____?”; “Why do black people act like that all of the time?” Sorry to break it to you America, but black people can be individuals also. I don’t know why one person acts […]

Can’t speak for all black people.

Sayeeda Brooklyn, NY On a predominately white college campus in the late 80’s early 90’s I was often the only African Caribbean person in a class. Anytime issues around African Americans, Caribbean people or Africans came up all heads turned, to me as if I were an expert or authority. My classmates didn’t know this […]

I’m always ashamed of being mixed.

Yvonne Michigan Black people have really bad stereotypes that’s why I don’t claim black , but I don’t claim Hispanic either, they have there stereo- types as well. Ghetto Hoodlums Mean Scary Constant fights Gang bangs Workers Farmers A lot of kids No husband Poor When people look at me the first thing they see […]

Stop blaming whites. Stop committing crimes.

Gary Submitted via: NPR’s Talk of the Nation As a police officer most black people talk to me like they want to fight before I even talk to them. They know nothing about me. My Latino partner is always called Uncle Tom. I give respect when I get respect. Why do so many blacks hate […]

Black people hate black people, too.

Juluis Youngerford, Atlanta, GA. Nobody can tell the truth about race, that is, what they think about their own race or other races, because nobody makes nice distinctions between race and class, or between the different types of racial prejudice and hatred, so they can’t say just what they don’t like about others, and they […]