And afterall, we all bleed red.

Jorge Grand Rapids, MI I am Hispanic and proud to be so. Growing up I realized that my skin was darker than my brothers’ and many others in the family and from very early on (growing up in El Salvador, my beloved but racist little country) I was aware that the color of one’s skin […]

We all bleed, we all hurt

Naadu Addico Poughkeepsie, NY Physical differences caused by a person’s genetic makeup cannot have large effects on a person’s social interaction. It is the way people react to and interpret these biological characteristics that affect a person’s social interactions. For instance, a tall boy’s height does not have any relevance to him until he realizes […]

We bleed the same color: RED

Grace Terrfy, Tampa, FL. People are hung up on color but our lifeline is our blood and that’s where we are all the same color. “White” is the color of paper so none of us is white. At best it would be a cream color. If so anti Black why spend hours in the sun […]

When cut we all bleed red.

Dennis Donnelly Severn, MD Being a practicing Christian I believe that God created each of us in His own image. Not to be confused with or determined by outward appearances but by the essence of our being.

We all bleed red, ’nuff said!

Margaret Samuel IL I grew up in Dallas, overcame my parents’ “seperate but equal (kind of)” thinking, don’t feel dislike or hatred of any people group. But I am tired of the attitude I frequently encounter. Just because I’m “white”, actually a dark beige, does NOT mean I am a racist!

We all bleed the same color!

Jorge Janeiro Geraardsbergen, Belgium I’ve learned that it’s not about ethnic origins, it’s about human nature. There is good and bad everywhere in this world, regardless of gender, religion, color or sexual orientation. Our humanity is the link that binds us. Lack of it, is what could extinguish us.