Not Really Indian, American Born Desi.

Rahul Iyer Mesa, AZ Not Really Indian, American Born Desi is what could be used to describe me. Not Really Indian (NRI) is a term that is often coined to describe people of Asian Indian background who were born outside of India. The actual legal term used by the Indian Government is Nonresident Indian (NRI). [...]


Ukrainian and Jamaican seems to contradict

Chelée Elk Grove, CA My mother is a black Jamaican woman and my father is Ukrainian. I was born in the usa but grew up and went to school in Jamaica where I was considered white and wealthy, but when I came to America for the last years of high school and college I was [...]

I was born because of racism.

Chelsea Lowe Boston, MA In 1959, my mother was engaged to marry a man who wanted a black best man at their wedding. Even though my grandfather had made a point of drinking from “colored” fountains when the family drove south to Florida, this was–you could say–beyond the pale. “I can understand an old family [...]