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D. Casey Jones, M.D., Colonel, US Army (Ret) Olympia, WA What I am trying to convey is the institutionalization and public reinforcement of race bias in the U.S. You will find the above six words (or equivalent) on nearly every State and especially Federal form or application that requires personal identifying information. If there is […]

What is your race? Check one.

Destiny Carter Ann Arbor, MI Understanding Race Project- University of Michigan I feel that the institutional concept of race often forces people to identify with only one race, even though they may be made up of more. I feel that race is important in that it allows people to find commonality with others however, I […]

What ARE you? I can’t tell.

Lara Furar Canton, MI Understanding Race Project- University of Michigan I remember being asked this question as a child. And at various times throughout my life ever since. There was enough of “something” in my background that made it difficult for people to “figure me out”. For some reason, they needed to do that – […]