Yes, those boys are my brothers.

Julia Guerra, Austin, TX. My brothers are very important figures in my life. They were born to a white mom and a white dad. They are blonde and red-haired, with blue and green eyes. When they were little babies, my white mom married my Mexican dad and he adopted both of them as his own. […]

No other boy will date you.

Deborah Lewis Oakland, CA Howard had a girlfriend. But, we used to chat at work. He invited me to go get pizza with him. I asked my parents who were incredibly strict. My mom said that I could not go because Howard was black and if other boys saw me with him, they would never […]

Are those boys your biological children?

Wendy Allmendinger North Attleboro, MA I was asked this question far too many times to count when my children were little. I am white, my two beautiful boys are black. The question was often followed by, “Not that there is anything wrong with that.” Depending on my mood at the moment, my answers ranged from […]