Not overcooked or underdone. Just right.

Lei-Anna Bertelsen, Bozeman, MT. I’ve grappled with this question all my life. My dad told me a story when I was a second grader after a boy called me names based on my skin color. My dad explained that when God made people, it took three tries to bake us to just the right color. […]

We are all the same inside.

Olivia Bozeman, MT We’re all like chocolate cake. You can frost those cakes with white frosting, yellow or heck, even purple. The thing is, chocolate cake is chocolate cake even if it has purple frosting.

I’m white, he’s black. So what?

Kim Pribanic Bozeman, MT He could be pink with purple polka dots and I wouldn’t care. Is he a good man? Does he treat me with respect? Does he treat himself, his friends, and his parents with respect? Those are the things that count.

Nobody’s a racist, but racism persists.

Molly Bozeman, MT It’s clear from many academic studies that significant racism still exists in the United States. On the other hand, almost every American will vehemently deny being a racist. Often racism seems like a kind of disembodied force, a cultural ghost that we still can’t exorcise. It’s no wonder that some of the […]