A “Racist” charge changed my life

Robert Crosman Anchorage, AK Explanation: I was a good liberal, with the milk of human kindness in my veins, when a black student I viewed as marginally disruptive called me out in the middle of a class on Renaissance literature, calling me a racist because I was trying to ignore his too-frequent questions and comments. [...]

Times Have Changed.. Or Have They?

Juanita Shields Tuscaloosa, AL People Say That Mistakes Are Lessons Learned, But When Does Those Lessons Become Permanent? When Will This Society Realize That We Can Benefit A Million Times More From Each? We’re Supposed To Be A Nation, United, Standing Together For A Common Good. If You Want Your Country To Be The Best, [...]

“The World changes, people don’t change.”

Jim Evangelista Eugene, OR This was a saying my grandfather, Ludovico Spadafora from Palermo, Sicily, often intoned. He had many pearls of wisdom and this one stuck with me and when I heard about your project, I thought to share it with you. It’s given me a measure of acceptance, peace and compassion in many [...]

Be white, but not too white

Carissa Stouwie Ann Arbor, MI Understanding Race Project- University of Michigan My butt is very sun burnt, and not willingly. I am a ginger. I have white skin, some could even say translucent. I tan so that I can blend in, so that people don’t ask if I am albino, or if the carpet matches [...]

Race’s implications are real, must change.

Taine Stoll Ann Arbor, MI Understanding Race Project, University of Michigna As a scientist, I know that there is no biological proof to our perceived differences in race. However, coming from a multicultural family, I have personally witnessed the differences that skin tone can have on your interactions and ways you are treated. I hope [...]