You are cute to be dark

Secunda Joseph, Houston, TX. I’ve always seen the beauty in myself even as a kid. My brother and I were the darkest of all aunts, and cousins besides my brother, and around family ” I was everything good” one of my several nicknames was chocolate drop. Then kindergarten started what I heard was “with your […]

“I am chocolate Mama is ice-cream”

Naghmeh Moshtael Portland, OR These are my daughter’s words. We live in a world of different race, culture and heritage. My husband in African American, born in Seattle and raised in Compton, CA. I am originally from Iran, raised in Cameroon (Central Africa) and now living in the US. My daughter is adopted from Ethiopia. […]

Norwegian Danish Grandma to all “flavors”

Joann Hansen Gilbert, AZ I think we need to learn from the past but rise above and move on…. I let my actions speak for themselves not the hue of my skin. I am Caucasian & I know that I am not racist & that I also judge people by their character and actions. I […]