You’re lucky; you have good hair

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Aminah Columbia, SC Being a light-skinned African-American has afforded me the ability to kind of live on multiple sides of the race coin in terms of my superficial assets. Many people assume that I’m mixed; I’m not. Many people assume that I lucky because, since I’m fully black, I have good hair. Man, if one [...]

From Colombia, but not a drug-dealer

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Miguel Jubiz Richmond, VA #VCU #COLOMBIA Being born in Colombia was the greatest thing that’s happened in my life and I’m proud to say it. However, people’s ignorance lead to misconceptions. Not all Colombians are drug-dealers and Colombia has more things to offer than just drugs such as endless natural resources, amazing food, and awesome [...]

I’m not a mutt, I’m human

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Krystal Moss Columbia, SC I’m 16 years old and growing up around Blythewood SC was a really hard thing. When I was little kids would call me a mutt and pick at me. They’d try to cut my curls off and say many hurtful things about my race. For a long time I was afraid [...]

I think diversity enriches us all.

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Robin McCants Columbia, SC Born in 1962, I have seen some change in attitudes toward race in my 52 years on this earth. This generation has a chance to live Dr. King’s DREAM. I am glad to be able to see that happen!


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David DeChant, Marine Vietnam Veteran Key West, FL Michele,Greetings again. I am a member of the core group of Vietnam Veterans who built The Wall ~ National Vietnam Veterans Memorial in D.C.; and was at the meeting in Senator Warner’s office when General George Price, US Army Retired, ended the color controversy about “black” granite [...]

There might be little black children.

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Caroline Hutton Raszewski Columbia, SC As boycotts and riots raged around the South in the early 60′s I was oblivious. It was the first day of school. Mother was braiding my hair as my brother, one year older than I, lay on her bed. She grew serious. “There might be little black children at your [...]

What? They’re not from outer space!

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Kathy E. McCabe Columbia, SC Yes, these were the words running through my mind back in 1968, while standing outside amongst the rest of the junior high school student body. I watched with curiosity as the two black students made their way ever so cautiously off the school bus. Oh, we had been forewarned of [...]

When we run out of “firsts”

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Greg Hudgison Columbus, GA I am hopeful that one day race will the last part of the conversation, and not the first. My six words refer to when another race is the first to accomplish something. I believe we will make progress when we are out of the first race to accomplish a task or [...]