We shouldn’t need to fear each other

Jen, Corona, CA. What would it take for us to coexist in love? I am Korean and since I was a little girl, I’ve seen peers and adults look down on me or exclude me for my color. I see people cry for justice, and yet they still feel uncomfortable associating themselves with people outside […]

The “quiet girl” in the back

Alyssa Banas, VA. Before I attended college, I was known as the “quiet girl” that sat in the back of the class. I loved meeting new people, but I just had a hard time communicating with people without being shy. My teachers always told me to participate in class because the ideas I wrote down […]

Stop Fearing Those Who Are Different

Charles Wright Hernando, MS I think fear is the basic emotion that fosters racism. The comfort zone gets compromised by all the stereotypes, then the consequent anger over the fear that is created forms lifelong common beliefs that evolve into hatred. BAH!