Your fear is not my fault.

Lawrence Dortch, Vienna, VA. I’m tired of smiling all the time to alleviate other people’s fears of me. I am not a monster and I shouldn’t have to dress a certain way or smile when I don’t feel like it to make white people feel comfortable.

Get comfortable being the outlier.

Vishnu Rajan East Fishkill, NY Most of my life, I’ve been an outlier. I was one of 10 non- whites in my graduating high school class of 870. I’m short, I’m young for my year, and my family at home is different from everyone else’s. It took me many years to finally be ok with […]

Once comfortable, now uneasy, often distrusting

Channey Johnson Dallas, TX I did everything that I thought you should do to live a comfortable life. I went to bed at reasonable hours in the night, I only skipped school once, I studied, I went to college, got my Masters Degree and my Doctoral Degree in Education. I worked hard. I joined a […]

What would make you more comfortable?

Erica Shindler Fuller Briggs North Charleston, SC What are you? I get asked this question so often I’ve started charging people for the information. It’s my retirement plan. What I charge is determined by timing: at what point in the conversation did they ask the question? If it’s within the first few minutes of the […]