Who is your daughter’s father?

Itoko Richardson, Daly City, CA. I am Japanese and my husband is Black (he extremely dislikes to be called African-American). Our experience alone was interesting and filled with many racist, stereotype encounters and reactions. But my experience with my daughter is interesting. When I and my daughter are out, I can feel strangers’ wonder of […]

Skyward Sprouting Despite American Cultural Miasma

Bomani Kyasa Detroit, MI We are Designed to Benefit from the Fruits of Our Own Labor. Anti-Life forces structure socio-economic conditions to to turn People and Specific Races into drones via a pernicious objectification process. Living is about pushing or obliterating the boundaries of the imagination; so that, that the Creative Human Spirit can Soar […]

I want to understand Cultural Appropriation.

Rae, Canada. An issue came up on Facebook, about Halloween costumes. People were talking about it being inappropriate for kids to dress as native people. I didn’t feel that it was so bad, that it was a way for kids to explore culture. I remember how often I used to pretend I was a native […]

I don’t want my white privilege.

Jason Struhs Salt Lake City, UT All safety and comfort that I currently enjoy has been at the expense of those who  have a different cultural heritage than I.  I do not want to benefit from this, but it is impossible not to.  Walking alone in a suburb late at night, an officer is more […]

Young blacks’ clothing can be disconcerting

Robert Sowards, Austin, TX. I’m sure it’s simply a cultural thing. Even so, I find the baggy pants that show part of a young black male’s but crack, and “shorts” that go down to the ankles on the one hand but sag below the crack, to be a bit disconcerting, and even intimidating depending on […]

Usually not racism. Instead, cultures clashing.

Susan A. Chicago, IL Stereotypes that are now labeled as racist, actually have nothing to do with race. Actually, it is cultural difference which causes problems. Culture is what forms differences in values, ways of speaking, ways of dressing, whether people talk in loud voices or quiet voices, what people eat, what their cooking smells […]

Cultural Gatekeepers Defile Black People’s Beauty

Deborah Sanders New York, NY Racism has become so deeply ingrained in our culture that we are often only able to recognize the most obvious aggressions. Even when we do recognize it, we often feel helpless to resist its powerful grip on our psyche. I think that much of the obstacles to achieving a post-racial […]

Where’s the box for cultural diversity?

Isabelle Strauss McLean, VA I feel boring when I fill out race and ethnicity on a form – I’m white, nuff said. Or maybe not. My father’s family is of Anglo-German descent, fairly common in the US, but my mother came to the US as an immigrant. Growing up, I spoke a different language at […]

We are different, but the same.

Peggy Hutchinson Columbus, OH Different meaning; culturally, religiously, socio-economically Same meaning; we breathe the same air, the same way; we are the same creatures What’s good (or bad) for one is good (or bad) for all of us.